Chelle is a 29-years-old young woman with no stable income: she's the substitute teacher at a theater and doesn't really have a secure future. But it's Ok for her, as long as she can pay the rent and enjoy her life. And when she first met Will, a classic moron from Los Angeles, the girl didn't even pay much attention to him. However, as it soon turned out, the over-the-top handsome, shredded and rich fella wasn't at all who she thought he was.

Next, they see each other again at one of those boring parent/teacher conferences. His daughter, Amelia, is Chelle's student, and, while she was talking to him about the adorable kiddo's achievements, she couldn't stop herself from picturing him in all kinds of dirty and smutty ways. That big, muscular body, the attractive smile and the absence of a wedding ring on his finger was all it took for Chelle to fall for the guy.

If this was a movie, he'd rip her clothes off right there and then and would’ve stolen her from the daily routine. But, in reality, they're just performing their respective roles. She's the teacher of his child, and he just works too much, and that's the only reason why they're talking right now. Soon, she meets his peculiar ex-wife and becomes a part of his fast-paced, high-stakes life full of stock markets, gorgeous mansions, fundraisers with the biggest celebrities and tons of that drama.

Chelle knows that she's better off without a guy like Will, but when he asked her out to have pancakes with him, she simply couldn't say no. Slowly, the two start to fall for each other, and, even though they both worry this relationship might destroy their lives, there's no going back...Extra Credit is extremely sexy, funny, engaging and exciting. It's well-written, comes with a great plot and is overall quite enjoyable.

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