Extracted-By-RR-HaywoodWelcome to 2061, ladies and gentlemen, where a gifted young savant creates a working time machine to right a terrible wrong - to fix an unbearable tragedy. However, as predicted, his noble intentions lead to disastrous outcomes when one of the earlier tests reveals the end of the world as we know it. So, that's when he comes up with a desperate plan: to hire 3 humans with supernatural abilities and make everything right - change the future, that is.

Safa is a top-notch police officer patrolling the streets, and when a terrorist attack happens right in front of her eyes, she storms into battle and engages all the brutal men with guns that come through the breach in the middle of the street. Madden is an iconic soldier from the 2nd World War. Back in the day, he managed to get an impossible job done - he planted destructive charges on an impenetrable sub and got back home without a scratch on him.

As for Ben, he's just a regular insurance investigator. Well, not quite: back when he was a teenage boy, he saw a brigade harassing a young woman and her kid. Ben saved the family from a horrible fate and killed all 5 men. Now, the scientist from 2061 wants to "pull out" these folks from their respective times and bring them together to save the world. Will he be able to make them all work together towards a mutual goal?

And what if his interference with the timeline results into an even bigger disaster than the end of planet Earth? In any case, the plan is confirmed, and the three heroes are in for the ride of their life. RR Haywood wrote a wonderful post-apocalyptic thriller with a unique plot, great narrative and lots of action, dynamics and awesome dialogues.

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