You know who John Sandford is: he's a best-selling author of numerous international bangers and even has a Pulitzer Prize somewhere in his house. As for Extreme Prey, it is, without a doubt, one of the master's best works to date. Lucas Davenport is back, boys and girls, and he's got himself into one hell of a mess.

Now, this book is the direct sequel to Gathering Prey, another one of Sandford's game-changing thrillers, and Davenport is going through a rough patch. He's no longer a part of the BCA, and there's not much for him left to do. Thankfully, his good old buddy, the governor, is about to enter the presidential race and he needs someone he can trust by his side, a skilled, experienced man.

He needs Lucas's smarts, wits, and loyalty, so, he asks him to become a part of his staff and to help him win the ultimate trophy. Obviously, Lucas is more than happy to join his friend and to find a permanent job to pay the bills and to keep himself busy. But, it's never that easy with this guy, and soon he finds out that there's a psychopath out there who's tracking his every move and wants to put the governor down - for good.

That's right: an armed and highly dangerous assassin is hunting the future president and is ready to put a bullet in the heart of every single person that stands in his way. Luke will have to summon all of his exceptional skills just to stay alive long enough to figure out who the psycho is and how to stop him. Extreme Prey is a top-notch mystery thriller with an exciting slash terrifying plot, a heart-pounding, adrenaline-pumping narrative and one of the greatest fictional heroes you’ll ever come across.

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