faithful-by-alice-hoffmanIf you're been looking for a very special novel about finding meaning in this life and the mighty forces of love, faith and family, then you'll definitely enjoy Faithful, a deeply moving, touching and inspiring tale of a young girl who's trying to find her place in this world. Shelby is just a regular girl from Long Island - nothing special about her. However, when a horrible tragedy strikes, her fate turns 180 degrees.

An accident takes her closest friend's promising future away, and Shelby can't shake the feeling of guilt. Alice Hoffman wrote a novel about a survivor, and her life is filled with suffering, grief, and pure happiness. This is a story about a modern-day young lady who's struggling on a daily basis to get back on the "main road". She desperately needs to find her way back to the Shelby she used to be before the accident, and her searches lead her to a place in NY where a bunch of troubled and lost souls come together.

The girl doesn't know it, but there's an angel among them, and he's been keeping an eye on her ever since her best friend's life turned upside down. Shelby is a girl that everybody falls in love with. She's real, honest and kind, and her journey takes her from desperation to joy of finding her own path.

It's safe to say that all the women who had to go through pain, tragedy, and guilt in their teenage years will greatly appreciate Faithful and the insights in includes. Alice Hoffman managed to create a realistic story from the everyday world and mix it with just the right amount of magic and heavenly bliss. This is a truly unforgettable book that you simply can't miss, especially if you've been through something similar in your life.

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