Hunter, the man who stole Tess's heart more than 8 years ago, is now officially back in her life, and he wants her to be his fake wife. Sounds pretty nuts, right? Well, yeah, but the girl does really need the money to take care of her bakery, so, why not? At the same time, she doesn't believe in second chances and all that crap, which means this is going to be a strictly professional thing.

On the other hand, Hunter is a big, bulky, ripped man, and whenever those masculine arms touch her, the whole world goes upside down. He makes her feel all kinds of emotions that she has never felt before. But how can she trust this playboy who broke her heart in the past? Does he deserve her forgiveness after all that he's done to her?

One thing is clear: hooking up with this "Greek God" covered in tattoos is pretty much the worst idea right now. All she needs from him is cold cash, and, given the fact that she really needs that check, this "deal" is on. He might think that there's still a fire between them (well, he's not wrong), but his old bad-boy ways aren't gonna work anymore. Tess is not the sweet, innocent and naive girlie she used to be almost a decade ago.

Besides, have you ever seen a fake bride truly fall in love with her fake man? This inked bad-boy is every woman's dream, but for Tess, he's the guy that left her hanging and hurt her really bad. So, why does her heart beat faster than lighting whenever she looks into those deep, enchanting eyes? Fake Bride With Benefits is a classic second chance romantic novel with a lot of steaming-hot sex scenes, an amazing plot and a wonderful cast of characters.

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