Gage, an insanely rich fella, was in desperate need of a girlfriend to improve his party-boy image in the eyes of the media. He managed to find just the perfect lady for the job, and he bought her - fair and square. Her name is Shawna, and he's her boss, but she's not quick to obey his every single rule and does everything in her power to piss him off and prove that she's not one of his regular bimbos.

Compliance and Shawna don't get along well, and that spicy, sassy attitude turns her into a natural hussy, which is exactly what Gage loves in a woman. Along with that gorgeous body she has, of course. This is Vegas, and that means everything's possible and there are no limits. There's an up-and-coming company that the man really wants to get his hands on, but they don't even want to meet him to talk business as he's not "trustworthy".

Yep, that's what kind of a reputation the rich golden boy has, and now it's time for him to clean the slate and start over. A lovely girlfriend by his side is a great start. Why Shawna? First of all, she's jaw-droppingly gorgeous; second, she's been around for a while and he knows she can be trusted; and third, she's one of the few waitresses at the casino that he hasn't spent a night with.

And one more thing: she had to leave the apartment she's been renting because of her abusive and stalking ex. The girl really needs his money and that strong shoulder to cry on. He needs her sexy body in his bed and her beautiful smile in business. So, what's it going to be? Faking For Her is a splendid romantic novel that features a rich alpha male and a sassy young woman in a city of endless possibilities.

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