FallingEmma, the main character of Falling, is a beautiful young woman who decides to break free from the restrictions of life in the UK and move to NY, the city of love, opportunities, and, most importantly, freedom. She is 100% sure that this new life is exactly what she needs to be happy. Thousands of miles away from her family and their expectations, she enjoys the busy, refreshing and liberating life in Manhattan, with a prestigious job, an amazing house and a line-up of good-looking and rich men. However, pretty soon the brutal world of high stakes, financial crashes and the never-ending pursuit for more starts to ruin the perfect picture that Emma got at the beginning. Falling is about false expectations and the harsh truth about life.

Disappointed with the Manhattan experience, the girl moves to Connecticut, a beautiful town where she hopes to start all over again. It's the perfect place to gather her thoughts and move forward, away from all the vices of her old lives. She's got no job and doesn't really know many folks in this town, and that's what allows her to re-channel her talent, passion and creative flow into creating something entirely new: she decides to re-build the half-ruined cottage she rents from a man that lives in the house right next to her with his 6-year-old kid.

Dominic, the owner of the cottage, is a confident, good-hearted and honest guy who's committed to his child and wants nothing more from this world but for his son to be happy. Emma becomes friends with him, and soon they fall in love. At the same time, Emma's old life tries to interfere and take this new happiness away from her. Will she be able to protect what she loves?

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