Falling-For-My-Boyfriend's-Dad-By-Cassandra-DeeAlly is a freshman, and she's been dating Jonah, a guy from the same dorm, pretty much from the very first day at college. They've been "together" for two months, and he was kind enough to invite her to his house to celebrate Thanksgiving. The thing is - the dorm closed for the holidays, and Ally could not buy a ticket to go back home.

Yes, she's short on money, so, you could say that Jonah's invitation was something of a big save for the girl. She had controversial feelings about having that nice family dinner with, well, a different family, but when Mr. Martin, the boy's father, opened the door and let her in, her heart almost stopped beating. The man was big, bulky, tall and dark. And, he was the most handsome dad Ally has ever seen - in real life or in movies/shows.

It's not uncommon for young, inexperienced girls to fall for their friends' dads, but for Ally, this is something way, way too "slutty". After all, he's twice her age, and she can't have feelings for a man like that! Yet, that's exactly what she ends up doing - fallin' for Mr. Martin and having all kinds of naughty experiences with him. And that means she'll forever remember that fateful Thanksgiving day - the day when she first laid eyes on him!

Falling for My Boyfriend's Dad is an unbelievably sexy, naughty and smutty erotic novel that will have the young girls blushing on every single page. This is a stand-alone novel and comes with a happy ending, so, if you've been wanting to read a relaxing, entertaining and exciting book on the weekend, a copy of Cassandra Dee's latest best-seller would be a great pick.

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