Marie, a sexy woman, never really gave much thought to Trent Markham. The guy is a pro athlete and used to hang with her boy. A shredded, bulky and alpha-type fella was around the house a million times, but she always considered him to be just a young man, nothing more, nothing less. At the same time, the girls were "flying" around him for ages, trying to get some of that dominant attitude, buzz-worthy body, and insane skills.

But, one day, he caught Marie doing something nasty and offered to join the action. Yes, as simple as that. The thing is - she wants to have a baby, and a man is required to do that. Hooking up with Trent, someone who's almost half her age, is always out there traveling, and is not really a perfect "dad material", is wrong is so many ways.

Marie kept pushing him away, but the youngen managed to conquer both her heart and soul. Being with a guy that was born in the 90s and having crazy, passionate sex with him was never a part of her plan, but sometimes crazy sounds pretty damn good. Trent is masculine, virile and quite simply a sex god. So, Marie gives up to the desire and enjoys her wildest fantasies with her son's childhood buddy.

Does an affair like that really have a future, or is it already doomed for disaster? Raising a kid together with an age difference and different attitudes towards like can be pretty challenging, but who knows - maybe they are perfect for each other? Falling for My Son's Best Friend is an ideal erotic novel for all those young ladies that love to fantasize about young men but are too afraid to admit. Now they can just buy this book and enjoy the sexy, slutty and naughty story instead!

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