Nora Roberts, a best-selling and award-winning author with a huge fan-base, is famous for her heart-warming and heart-wrenching Stanislaski series. This time around, the story follows Rachel, a public defender with no personal life and extra love for her stressful and chaotic job.

So, when Zack, a handsome and strong-tempered man takes her courtroom by storm, the woman is not particularly happy with him. And, even though he won't ever admit it, he can't do anything without Rachel, as she's the only hope for him, the only qualified person standing between his guilty little brother and real time in prison. Zack is one of those fellas that know exactly what they want and aren't afraid to go after it.

However, there's something special about this sexy public defender, something unique and extremely attractive. His heart has always been on a lock; yet, this strict woman with a fast-beating heart might just be the one to steal it. He can't think about all that romantic nonsense when he's got some things to take care off, but you can't tell your heart what to do, now can you?

Falling for Rachel is a wonderful romantic saga that comes with a compelling story, a great line-up of rich, multi-layered and well-developed characters and a stunning chemistry between the main characters. At the end of the day, we all love great love stories, and Nora Roberts is no stranger to writing bestselling romance. Take this book with you on a trip or a vacation - you won't be able to put it down. By the way, it was first published 25 years ago - in 1992 - but it's still as fresh, exciting and fun as it's ever been!

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