falling-for-the-babysitter-by-penny-wylderDo you know who Penny Wylder is? Well, if you're a fan of modern-day romantic novels with a fine dose of sex, love, passion and naughty in them, then this girl needs no introductions. She's the queen of the genre, and ladies from all over the world enjoy her breathtaking and invigorating stories. Remy is an 18-year old girl that's struggling with money.

Deacon is her 30-year-old neighbor - a very hot single dad that makes her head go round every time she looks at him. He's big, strong, has a wonderful sense of humor and "hooks her up" with just a couple of words. And now, he wants her to be his babysitter - for a proper fee, of course. Now, the thing is - the man never really showed any interest in her and always treated her like a child (which she is). At the same time, she's had a mighty crush on him ever since she was a teenager.

True, she's not a kid anymore, but the feelings are even stronger. And one more thing: these days, he looks at her like he wants to rip her jeans off and take her to his bedroom. The only problem is his brother. The dude hates Remy and is confident that she's just another young woman who's trying to destroy the guy's life. So, if they ever get busted, he'll most definitely make Deacon and his adorable daughter leave the house - immediately.

Therefore, it would be wise to decline the single father's proposal. But he's just too good-looking for Remy to forget, and she's not sure that she can ever get him out of his head. Or is she should...Falling for the Babysitter is a hot, sexy and funny erotic novel with a happy ending. It's pretty short, and you can easily "consume" it in a couple of hours. Penny Wylder never writes basic stories, so, rest assured that you'll have tons of fun with this one!

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