The international critics, fans and bestselling writers are calling Sara Paretsky a true visionary and one of the finest voices in the mystery, thriller and suspense genre today. And now she's finally back with a brand-new bestseller, a book that the community is already calling her best work to date.

She goes by Victoria when she's meeting her parents. Her friends just call her Vic, but when she's taking care of some serious business as a top-notch detective, the world knows her as V.I. There's a new case on her desk, and it's equally well-paid and intriguing. It takes her from the windy Chicago all the way to Kansas - she is to figure out the case of a film student and a former Hollywood celebrity.

V.I. always takes her trusty dog along for the ride, and together they embark on a peculiar journey that takes them from a university town to vast fields (that used to be home to missile silos back when the Cold War was raging) all the way into a turbulent past shaken by racial tensions, inequality, and unfairness. V.I. is hoping to find the answers to the present in the past, but it's not gonna be easy to make sense of it all and find the key to solving her case.

However, the mysteries and the unexplainable only stack up and soon she finds herself in the middle of body bags. This is by far the hardest and most hazardous case for the famed detective, and there's no telling whether she'll make it out of it alive...Fallout is a mesmerizing masterpiece that delivers that page-turning experience for all the fans of suspenseful thrillers. It's both provocative and riveting, and Sara Paretsky wrote yet another all-consuming bestseller!

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