False-Pretenses-By-Kathy-HermanKathy Herman has more than a few bestselling series behind her back, and False Pretenses is the first installment in her greatest franchise to date. This is a gripping, addictive suspense novel that talks about honesty, responsibility and the most important things in this world.

Zoe, the main character of the book, is a regular American citizen who enjoys her life with Pierce, her handsome spouse, and is proud of their pub - people drive from all over the state to taste that amazing food and feel the engaging atmosphere. From the outside, Zoe seems like the happiest woman on planet Earth - and she is! However, when a series of strange and scary notes starts "knocking" on her door, her life turns into a disaster.

The thing is - she's been hiding a horrible secret that can very well destroy their ever-booming business and tear apart her beautiful marriage. Yes, the stakes are as high as they go, and Zoe will have to make a decision: either keep on pretending like everything's alright or to "courage up" and face the demons from her own past.

The clock is ticking, and if she doesn't act fast, everything she holds dear to her heart will be devastated - in a matter of days. False Pretenses will keep you on your toes from start to finish, and you won't be able to put this book down, which is like the highest praise for any writer out there. Kathy Herman has been writing game-changing stories for decades, and, if you love mysterious, thrilling and thought-provoking novels with enough twists and turns to make it impossible for you to fall asleep, grab a copy of False Pretenses and enjoy!

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