The fans of political thrillers and action-adventures know and love Mr. Stuart Woods, one of the greatest writers of our time. His Stone Barrington series is considered to be a modern-day classic, and Fast and Loose is the latest addition to the franchise. Stone is finally taking some time off and enjoying a fascinating boating excursion into the sunset.

However, a man of his caliber can't ever hope to be completely free: a chance encounter leaves him with a perilous (and well-paid) new mission. He befriends a bunch of powerful and influential folks, and it soon turns out that they have a mutual enemy that only Barrington can take down. Being a pro and a big fan of "make it or break it" assignments, he teams up with this wealthy family and promises them to get the job done.

Stone is an intelligent, witty man, and loves to use his brilliant mind and plan everything before execution. At the same time, his foe is pretty much the complete opposite and is ever trigger-happy. So, who will win in this epic standoff? The hard-boiled, rough-tough and legendary Barrington, or his short-tempered new enemy? Stone doesn't know a thing about his adversary, but the opponent seems to be his biggest "fan".

You can't beat someone without knowing his weaknesses...Woods is back, ladies and gentlemen, and this adrenaline-charged thriller comes with twists, turns, a fast-paced narrative and more "Wow!" moments than you can handle. The multi-layered, colorful main characters, edge-of-your-seat plot and addictive action turn Fast and Loose into one of the finest releases of the year. Make sure not to miss out on a new bestseller!

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