fast-and-loose-by-fern-michaelsFern Michaels wrote more bestselling books than any of us can count and she's an internationally loved and respected author in the so-called "Women's fiction" genre. At the same time, along with being funny, entertaining and even a bit romantic, her novels always come with a healthy dose of suspense and thriller, and that's exactly what makes her an outstanding writer.

And Fast and Loose is just the perfect example - it's action-packed, engrossing and will practically "glue" you to the couch/chair. The Men Of The Sisterhood series is about the brave men who joined the movement started by The Sisterhood and dedicate their lives to helping the most unfortunate among us and doing the right thing. It's a secret organization that's trying to make this world a better place while hiding in the shadows.

These men are constantly on the move and can't really imagine a regular life without action and drama in it. So, this time around, the organization gets an urgent call from the head of security at a luxurious casino - he has reasons to believe that a mysterious group of thieves is robbing it without leaving a single trace behind. However, what seemed to be like just another day at the office turns into a wild chase after the hackers, a race that could very well damage the organization and ricochet in case they fail to capture the robbers.

Thankfully, the team has a lot of potential suspects in mind but they'll have to work on the clock in order to bring the criminals to justice and prove once and for all that they are the best in the business. Fast and Loose is thrilling, exciting and entertaining, which makes it an ideal evening read after a hard day at work.

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