Fast-Food,-Good-Food-By-Andrw-Weil-MDAre you looking for that one and only book that will come with the most delicious, easy and quick-to-make recipes? Well, you're in luck, because you just found it! Andrew Weil MD, a bestselling author and the man who knows how to talk about complicated things in a brisk, funny and easy-to-grab manner, delivers the ultimate cookbook for the fans of tasty-yet-affordable meals.

The thing is, today, in 2016, we've got a huge number of folks ordering Chinese, Thai and Mexican food or just dining at a restaurant. Nobody's cooking anymore - they don't have the time or the courage to do that. And it's understandable. However, it takes a brilliant man like Mr. Weil to come around for us to realize that making delicious meals in our kitchens and for the people that we care about can and should be simple, fast and deeply satisfying.

In Fast Food, Good Food, the author talks about 150+ super-easy recipes for everybody to enjoy. They are tasty, healthy and affordable! Another great thing about them is that they always use fresh, easy-to-find ingredients and implement something a bit crazy, something to bright joy and excitement into our regular lives.

In this book, you'll find step-by-step "guides" on preparing the most delicious meals, a few super-useful tips on how to enjoy food while keeping yourself in shape, and, of course, amazing photographs that will make you stop whatever you're doing and start cooking a meal from the list immediately! Fast Food, Good Food is the ultimate "textbook" for all the busy folks out there that is capable of inspiring and bringing that spark back into your kitchen!

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