When Cordelia was just a baby, her mom died in a horrible accident, and her father has been raising her to be a strong, confident, caring and loving young woman. He's the most important person in her life, so, when the man has a heart attack, the girl is devastated. Then, he tells her the real truth about her mom, and that shocks her even more.

Cordelia has always been wondering who her mother was and now that she knows she'll find just the right answers in Australia (Sydney, to be exact), she cancels all of her plans and gets ready for a trip, hoping to find some clarity. Aiden, the girl's BFF's older bro, is a hotel mogul. He has no idea that she's had a huge crush on him for eternity, and when she "forces" him to give her a ride to Sydney on his gorgeous private plane, he gets involved into her dangerous games.

He really wants to help his friend find the answers she's looking for, but the constant series of threats from her powerful, influential and rich family are becoming more and more hazardous for them both. Somewhere along the way, between all the craziness and the dangers, the two fall in love with each other.

However, when Cordelia's enemies make several attempts on her life, Madison figures out that the only way for this insanity to stop is for him to cut the snake's head. Otherwise, he'll lose everything that he ever cared about. Yet, it's gonna be hard to confront someone you've never even seen before...The fast-paced and adrenaline-packed narrative, along with the wild mix of action and tension turn Fast Track into a lovely romantic thriller for the fans of the genre.

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