Fatal-By-John-LescroartFrom the brilliant John Lescroart, a best-selling author of un-put-down-able mystery/suspense thrillers, comes a gripping new novel about the devastating, demolishing and fatal consequences of a betrayal for a happy modern-day couple. Kate, the main character of the story, is quite satisfied with her life. She's a beautiful 44-year-old woman, married to a kind, loving man, Ron.

Together they're raising two amazing kids in their wonderful San-Francisco house. However, it all goes south when the spouses go to an innocent dinner party and make acquaintance with a lovely couple - Pete and Jill. Kate barely even speaks or looks at Peter, yet, on that fateful night, while lying in bed with her husband, the woman suddenly gets a rush of unstoppable desire for the man she barely knows.

It begins as a regular crush, but soon it turns into an all-out obsession with dangerous outcomes. Kate's fixation on another woman's man results into a passionate, intense and high-stakes affair between them. The whole thing ends soon, and Kate goes back to her old life like nothing ever happened. She never even thought about Peter's feelings or his reaction to her decision to end the fling.

A while later, a man in a mask breaks into a cafe that Kate and her BBF sit in and starts shooting into the innocuous crowd - randomly. Thus, begins a series of blood-chilling events that follows the woman and proves to her just how horrifying the consequences of one terrible mistake can be. Fatal is an adrenaline-pumping, explosive novel that will keep you up all night. John Lescroart thrills, excites and leaves us speechless!

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