Stephen is going through a rough patch: it's been only 5 months since he lost his lovely wife, and now he's getting a call in the middle of the night from Sara, his teenage daughter, who's lost in a blizzard somewhere on top of a mountain. She's scared to death and can't stop crying. The girl is helpless and really needs her daddy to come and save her.

Obviously, the man drops everything and hops into his car, racing into the night and hoping to get there in time to rescue the baby girl. About an hour before he hit the sack, Stephen had been drinking heavily, and now his head is exploding and his mind is unable to focus on the task at hand. True, it's quite dangerous to get behind the wheel in such a state when you can't see anything through the snow.

But how can he stay at home knowing his kiddo is stranded in the middle of nowhere and he's the one and only person in the world who can save her from a horrifying fate? The snowstorm does everything in its power to stop Stephen from getting there in time; yet, a loving father is capable of doing the impossible just to see his daughter safe and sound. Meanwhile, Kieran, a high-school teacher, is also out there, looking for his little brother.

Last he heard, Aidan was roaming around in the same area as Sara, and soon, the two men come across each other on the road to the fateful mountain. In order to get his baby girl back, Stephen will have to learn the mystery of his wife's passing, clear his own name, and protect his family from the evil that's lurking around in the shadows. Fatal Option is an all-consuming mystery thriller that starts strong and delivers a shocking finale that will leave you speechless.

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