fate-of-perfection-by-k-f-breeneWelcome to a brand-new world, ladies and gentlemen, a future where the giant corporations control everything. The conglomerates don't hire their workers anymore - they genetically "grow" them, and in this harsh new reality, Millicent is the best they've got. She's a physical perfection and has the "brains" of a centuries-old genius. For that, she's got the rarest privilege: she can have kids. However, her daughter turns out to be not just her ideal copy.

The little thing has a once-in-a-lifetime ability that the corporations really want to have total control over and they are ready to kill and destroy whatever or whoever stands in their way. So, Millicent has no other choice but to team up with the only person that she can fully trust and risk her own life in an attempt to save her precious girl from the brutal hands of those who want to rip her apart and figure out what makes her so special.

Yes, the odds are all against them, but Millicent will do everything in her power to keep her baby from harm's way. All she has against the giant moguls is love, but maybe it's enough to fight them back and to be victorious? What if it's the mysterious "ingredient" that her daughter possesses?

Fate of Perfection is the very first book in an awesome new series, Finding Paradise, and the fans of action-adventure slash science-fiction books will definitely love the original story, the fast-paced action, the diverse narrative and K.F. Breene's brilliant writing talent. Fate of Perfection is the closest thing to an ideal evening read - it's gripping, thrilling, full of twists and comes with a mighty cliffhanger at the very end.

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