fates-and-furies-by-lauren-groffLauren Groff is one of the greatest writers of our time. She's got a very rare gift of talking about complicated things in a simple, warm, uplifting manner. As for Fates and Furies, her brand-new bestseller, it's a brilliant novel that combines tragedy with comedy, laughter with tears and life with death. This is an elaborate, touching, heart-wrenching story, and it's too good for you to miss out on!

The critics are already calling it a modern-day masterpiece, and the fans are praising Groff for delivering a once-in-a-lifetime experience and connecting with the readers on a whole another level. If you ever wanted to read a book about the institution of marriage that examines it from a fresh and exciting corner, then Fates and Furies is a must-have for you. Every relationship in this world has 2 perspectives, just as every story has 2 sides - that's just how it is.

Mathilde and Lotto, the main characters of this wonderful novel, have been with each other for almost 25 years! And they managed to keep the fire between them burning. Back when they were 22, they were cool, fancy and madly in love. The world belonged to them, and they were the happiest couple on Earth. 10 years later, their love is greater than ever, and their friends can't really understand how that's possible.

As Groff argues, sometimes the key to a strong, prosperous marriage lies in the secrets, not the truths. Fates and Furies is a novel about love in its purest form. It's emotionally charged, inspiring and propulsive. The author manages to touch both the heart and the mind, and that makes her books profound and unique.

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