Clarissa Wild is back, ladies and gentlemen, and she's got a sizzling-hot erotic novel for the fans of filthy, dirty and naughty stories. Frank is a preacher, and, even though people call him Father, he's pretty much the most unorthodox man of the church you'll ever meet. He's been through a lot, and he's got things on his mind that aren't easy to forget.

Frank is carrying that heavy baggage from the past, and, as far as relationships and falling in love go, let's just say that he's not an overzealous believer. That is until Laura, a jaw-droppingly gorgeous girl, walks into his life. He notices her at the furthest end of the church and she immediately grabs his attention. Next, they do the unthinkable - have steaming sex in the confessional.

Yes, Frank is one of the dirtiest preachers out there, and nice girls like Laura shouldn't fool around with him. He becomes obsessed with her and wants more than just a fling. He's a bad man with the dirtiest thoughts, but, luckily, she's not as modest and innocent as he thought in the beginning. You could even call them a perfect couple, as they're both super-naughty and have committed more than one sin in their lives.

They say that exact opposite attract, but in this case, the attraction is based on the fact that they've got so much in common and are not afraid to share their transgressions with each other. Father is not a book for everyone: it's vulgar, and might even hurt your feelings in you believe strongly in the institute of the church. But, if you're an open-minded person and love dirty stories, Clarissa Wild is just the right girl for you!

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