Helen, the main character of one of the best novels by Sherryl Woods, spent her entire life setting goals and planning for the future: dong great in college and at the law school, starting her own practice, earning enough money to feel secure, and, of course, becoming one of the most respected and esteemed attorneys in SC (South Carolina).

True, all those tasks were pretty tough, but she did manage to achieve all of her goals. Besides, it's all just a piece of cake compared to the challenges she's confronted by today. She's 42-years-old, and, being a driven, overachieving and even a bit cynical woman, she's been holding on to her single life for way too long. Now it's finally time for her to start a family and enjoy all the bliss that comes with it.

Helen never really gave much thought to the importance of having a family or the fact that she's been postponing it for way too long. It all felt natural to her, just like the strong feeling that it's finally time to do it. Sadly enough, bringing a child into this world is way too risky at her age; besides, she doesn't have the right man on her mind, the one and only gentleman that she'd like to start a family with.

However, Helen has always been a go-getter and waiting in line is not really her style. So, she takes destiny into her hands and tries to set it onto the right course. Somewhere along the way, she falls in love with a man who's not really a big fan of commitments and/or family and almost loses her two BFFs. Feels Like Family is an emotionally strong, moving story of friendship, family, and the sense of belonging. The fans of drama/romance/comedy will love it!

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