Fervent-By-Priscilla-ShirerA Woman's Battle Plan to Serious, Specific and Strategic Prayer is a powerful, uplifting and inspirational book about the most important thing in this world - faith. We all have to struggle with a mighty enemy whose one and only goal is to devastate us, destroy everything that matters to us and stop us from following Christ into his world of light and happiness. And he doesn't use the same pattern with everybody - oh no, he always finds your weakest sides and pushes you until he gets what he wants.

His attacks are targeted, calibrated and ruthless. He wants to break your faith, eliminate your holy connection. Fervent is your weapon, your best chance at hitting the enemy back. You've got your prayers - the most powerful tool there is to fight the darkness. Each chapter of this book will help you create a specific strategy that will be like a deadly strike for the enemy.

Furthermore, with that hit you'll show him that you're not backing down until you destroy him. Every new strategy allows you to hit harder and turn the most difficult battles in your life into devastating blows against the enemy. God's Spirit is with you - all you have to do is to connect with it and let its power guide you into the light.

Priscilla Shirer is a wonderful woman who has already helped countless women around the world with her words of wisdom and encouragement. As for this book, it addresses the most important topics in every woman's life, including passion, love, family, fears, temptations and regrets. Each chapter teaches how to craft prayers that will crush the enemy even when he comes at you with his most cruel, brutal and tricky attacks. Practical praying is the key to defeating your worst enemy and Fervent is a hands-on, open, clear guide to not giving up and believing in your own strength.

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