Spending a lifetime on finding the woman of his dreams and tying the knot with her for a happily ever after? Not really! This man has just an hour to marry a girl - any girl. No delays, no exceptions, no second-guessing. His name is Liam, and if he fails at finding a lady to get engaged to, he'll have no other choice but to marry his ex. So, what's a fella to do in such a situation?

Go to a fancy cocktail party, grab the first waitress he sees and propose to her, of course! But why the sudden rush? Why couldn't Liam just say no to his ex-woman and handle the situation his own way? Well, she's kinda crazy: the bimbo managed to fake her own death and force the billionaire bad-boy to marry her. Does that mean that this guy doesn’t know how to pick the right girls? Hell yeah! However, he's still hoping that the waitress - Amber - will turn out to be a lovely person.

Besides, she's gorgeous and lights up the room whenever she walks into it. A beautiful little thing like that is like a treasure hunter's biggest trophy, which means Liam simply can't let her go. Her smile, her laugh, those freckles all over her body - perfect. It's safe to say that Amber is one of those girls that you can introduce to your mom and dad without worrying that she'll ruin it all for both of you.

Unfortunately, the man is only interested in fooling around with her, not something serious. And when the ex "attacks" the party, Liam gets down on one knee and proposes to Amber. If she says yes, the waitress will get a fascinating ring and a lot of cash in the bank. It's a done deal, isn't it? Fiancée for Hire is a stunning standalone romantic novel about a fake marriage that turns into something meaningful. Melinda Minx wrote an awesome story that is destined for greatness!

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