Welcome to 1969: three promising young men were thrown right into the middle of a murderous war in the An Hoa Basin. They all had their dreams, hopes, and nightmares, but this jungle massacre changed their lives forever. There was no way for them to be prepared for something that horrifying. How can you know what you'll experience and deal with when everything around you smells like death?

The madness was just too much for a bunch of young fellas, but the heat of the battle has transformed them, turned them into real men who fight for honor and what's right. War is known for making hard-boiled and rough-tough warriors out of innocent boys, and these three managed to make it through all the terrifying stages of surviving a war and getting better at killing others.

What was the point of the Vietnam War, and why did so many American soldiers have to die? What did the United States government want with that peace-loving country and who gave them the right to kill over 3 million innocent civilians? James Webb is trying desperately to find the answers to all those questions in his brand-new bestseller - Fields of Fire.

The man did a brilliant job of showing just how horrible war is and the agonizing truth behind every single military operation in history. The book is fast-paced and full of action, which makes it a 100% page-turner. And, it comes with a strong line-up of characters that will touch the hearts and minds of countless readers all over the globe. Will the boys find their truest selves in the middle of an all-consuming war? Read Fields of Fire and find out! If you’re a fan of historical military stories, this one will become your new favorite.

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