Luke is a stubborn, adamant, hung fella, just like a prime horse. All he likes to do is drink, ride bulls and have meaningless one-night-stands with all the willing women in the fine state of Texas. When Shelby was just a 16-year-old girl, he took her virginity after she fell in love with him. And then he left. So, now it's payback time! She hasn't seen the guy in 6 full years.

Girls never forget their first man, let alone their first love. He broke her heart, fair and square, but, he never really gave her a promise to stick around for ages. He wanted to pursue his dreams; she had her own bunch, so, she was kinda OK with him "fleeing the scene". Well, no, that's a total lie: she's been thinking about that scumbag for all these years and still fantasizes about him during the nights.

She wants him back in her life, one way or the other, and she still remembers how it felt to share a bed with him. Soon, a nasty bull almost kills the guy, and they send Shelby to bring him back home and fix his wounds. That's when all the forgotten feelings come forward and the old flames spark up. He's all stitched up and looks like a mummy, but for her, he's still the most attractive man on planet Earth.

The biggest question is - now that Luke is finally back in her arms, will he realize that she's the one and only woman in his life and that he needs to stick with her, or is she just one of the many "sex partners" to him? Luke can't live without the thrill of taming a bull - that's who he is - and it's gonna be hard for Shelby to hold him down and to "domesticate" the guy. Filthy Cowboy is a sizzling-hot standalone romantic novel with a mighty chemistry between the lovely characters, lots of hot-hot scenes and a wonderful plot.

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