find-her-by-lisa-gardnerLisa Gardner is back with a brand-new bestseller, and she's ready to amaze the fans of mysterious and gripping thrillers once again! Flora, a beautiful, wild and free student, was abducted 7 years ago while on her spring break. She spent more than a full year in captivity and learned, first-hand, just how terrifying human beings can be. Flora was devastated, and it took her half a decade to get "re-aligned" with her old life and start all over again.

Samuel, a top-notch professional from the Bureau of Investigations, was there for her on every step of the way. Back home, she's got a mom who loves her just as much as before, a brother who's kinda intimidated by who his sister has become, and the wall in her bedroom is packed with photographs of countless other young victims who were never lucky enough to get back alive from the horrors.Flora is a reckless girl, and she's doing everything in her power to stop the nightmares and to enjoy life.

Warren, a detective from the city, is assigned on a new crime scene that includes a murdered fella and a woman who, allegedly, put an end to his life. Soon, she finds out that Flora has been seen with 3 shady folks since her miraculous return. So, maybe she's not just a little girl anymore, but also a killer? And what if she's got the answers as to how to find a missing girl from the city?

However, when Flora is nowhere to be found, the detective realizes that she's dealing with a far more brutal and clever murderer. And he's ready to do whatever it takes to make sure that the girl will not break free and return home... Find Her is a brilliant mix of psychological suspense, thrilling mystery, tension, action, drama and emotions. You simply can't miss a masterpiece like this!

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