Finders-Keepers-By-C-.A-RoseRomantic erotica is pretty much the perfect genre for the self-made, independent ladies that just want to have some fun with a sexy, hot, naughty book. Finders Keepers is a magnificent story that features a mighty alpha-male that will do whatever's needed to take the girl that he wants and to keep her from harm's way.

Aspen, the main character of the book, first lays eyes on Hunter, the future love of her life, when her car suddenly stops working and breaks down in the middle of the road. Thankfully, his house happens to be nearby, and the big, tall, ripped fella comes to her rescue. At first, she meets his dog - a scary, ruthless animal - and mistakes it for a wolf. The horrified damsel runs away and hurts her ankle.

She comes to in Hunter's arms - he takes her into the house and takes a very good care of the "wounded" girl. He falls for her immediately and tries to do everything in his power to keep her close and make her stay. Aspen finds the guy quite attractive as well, but is that really enough for two strangers to be happy? What if he's a maniac or a psychopath?

A caveman he is, by the way, and he doesn't really know how to "handle" her. He just knows that he wants this gorgeous chick to be with him - that's the end of it. Other girls might get scared and flee the house the second they could, but Aspen was curious enough to stay with the "mountain man". The reward was sizzling, steamy and unbelievably sexy. Finders Keepers is a fascinating short erotic story that you can devour in a couple of hours. It's still funny, exciting and engaging, though, so, make sure to grab a copy and enjoy!

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