firefly-lane-by-kristin-hannahThe fans call Kristin Hannah one of the greatest storytellers of our time, while the critics praise her unique writing style, immersive narrative, and great characters. She's got a number of bestsellers behind her back, but Firefly Lane is definitely a stand-out novel. This is a story about love, loss, dealing with the pain, moving on and being happy. It's also a story about friendship and what it really means. Kate, a regular kid, is not really struggling with her day-to-day life at school anymore - she came to terms with her place in the "social ladder".

Fortunately, one fine day, the coolest girl ever moves in a house in the same neighborhood and wants to be Kate's friend. Tully - that's the girl's name - is ambitious, smart, driven, and, of course, beautiful. At a glimpse, it might seem that the two kids have nothing in common: Kate's destiny is to be uncool and lonely, plus, her parents are constantly offending and humiliating her.

At the same time, Tully is glamorous, funny and really, really cool. But, she's got a deep dark secret that could devastate her. Over a short period of time, the girls become really close and swear to each other that they'll be BFFs forever. Their story begins in 1974 and the readers get to witness more than 30 years of a magnificent friendship between two women, a bond that becomes the most important thing in their lives.

Their friendship is constantly challenged by jealousy, resentment, other people, different circumstances, but they still manage to stay best friends and be there for each other. However, there's one last challenge that they'll have to go through, otherwise, their bond will be forever lost. Firefly Lane is an insightful, touching, revealing novel that will leave you speechless.

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