First Comes Love by Emily Giffin

First-Comes-Love-by-Emily-GiffinJosie Garland and her sister Meredith grew up together and shared very interesting feelings to each other. And they are quite different persons. For example, the first girl was very impulsive, energetic, and sociable. And another was more thoughtful, laborious, constrained. But always they had something, almost magical, that bonded two sisters together. Unfortunately, one day their relationship is broken – it was soon after the tragedy came into their life.

The years are passing, and Meredith and Josie Garland became 15 years older. They lived very different lives and different houses. Josie is working as a teacher. She is single and she dreams about a marriage. She not only wants a good man for different kind of pleasures, but a husband who can give her a baby. She understands that last desire only after saw a daughter of her previous boyfriend, who came to her school as a pupil. So Josie decided to work hard on the way to achieving her most intimate and desired dreams.

Meredith has not such dreams, her life is almost perfect. She is very successful as a lawyer. Moreover, she’s Meredith already married and raises with her husband an amazing 4-year-old child. But Meredith is not absolutely happy. She has some disturbing thoughts. Does she choose the right path? Is her life better than before? Does she want to live lake that to the rest of her life? She cannot find an answer easily and that uncertainty dissatisfied her very much.

Can Meredith and Josie Garland can be happy again. They will know an answer on the anniversary of the tragedy that had divided sisters 15 years ago…

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