Joyce made the mistake of joining the FTFS (First Times for Sale) site after a dare, but now her whole life has changed because of that impulsive action. Obviously, the girl did it just for fun, as she'd never really considered selling her...virginity. Sounds kinda awful, right? Besides, who would be interested in paying an enormous amount of money just to be her first man? Yet, pretty soon someone sends her a message; furthermore, she agrees to his offer!

Declan is an older guy, which means he's got tons of experience in what's about to happen. He looks amazing and has a fit, ripped body, which is Joyce's secret passion. And, the man is super rich, not afraid to spend a ridiculous amount of cash on this little adventure. At first, the girl thinks that he's either sick and dangerous or broken and a creep.

She tells herself that so that she has enough reason to delete her account and never even think about going ahead with the proposition, but her curiosity takes over and she sends him a reply, agreeing to meet him in person and doing it. What started as a dare turns into something life-defining both for Joyce and Declan, but what will be the end of this story?

Is there really a chance for a gorgeous virgin and a hard-boiled older (and rich) fella to have a happily-ever-after together? Or is this just a fling that will end badly? Read the book and find out! First & Last is a wild, twisty and sexy romantic novel from Penny Wylder, the queen of erotic stories, and it's a naughty page-turner to enjoy after midnight behind closed doors! If you’re a fan of the genre, you’ll most definitely love this sizzling-hot tale.

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