Yes, the war is over, but the scars need some time to heal. Emily’s been doing great, and, since she first stepped foot in the Nameless World, the city has turned into the leader in terms of technology, advanced developments, and social equality. Numerous folks are moving to the city, hoping to start a new life there.

The gorgeous steamboats are already conquering the oceans and there's a brand-new financial system that is changing the way people trade and communicate with each other. It's safe to say that the golden age is here, and it's shaping up to be quite beneficial for the regular men and women. However, it's not all bright and beautiful, as the city's wealthiest folks are getting weak and the guilds aren't as strong as they used to be.

Furthermore, religious freaks are taking it to the streets, and there's even a rumor that one of the mightiest Great Gods is back and is getting ready to judge every single person in the city. The population is restless - no one knows what to do and where to turn to. There are no set rights and wrongs, and every man/woman is for himself. Emily goes to Casper’s funeral and pays her respects.

Soon, she finds herself drawn into a complete meltdown, and when politics and religion collide, the girl ends up being the scapegoat for the citizens. They start to blame her for all the problems that they need to handle, but Emily doesn't have all the answers. War is coming, and it's time for the Nameless World to unite and be as one; otherwise, there will be no streets to walk and houses to live in. Fists of Justice is a great fantasy novel with an impressive setting, a mighty line-up of characters, and a gripping plot.

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