Mariko, the daughter of a well-respected and influential samurai, has been struggling with inequality for her entire life. She's just as great of an alchemist as her sibling, but, due to the fact that she's a girl, her future is set and there's nothing she can do about that. Mariko is just a 17-year-old child, but she's already engaged to a boy from a high-ranking family.

This marriage is not about love or anything like that - it's a political merging, which will allow the girl's family to climb further up the social ladder. However, on the way to the man, her convoy is attacked by a lethal group of thugs - the so-called Black Clan. As she soon learns, they were hired to murder her before she could reach her destination.

Now, instead of falling back and seeking shelter, Mariko dresses as a regular boy and infiltrates the Clan, hoping to find the people behind the order to put her down. It takes her a lot of planning and luck to pull this perilous mission off, but, as soon as she becomes a part of the group, she feels loved and praised for her skills and wits. Furthermore, Mariko falls in love and starts to doubt everything she thought was right.

Her relatives, her destiny, her dreams - it all gets mixed up in her head, and only she can sort it all out and understand what she really wants and needs in this life. This is a riveting, action-charged historical adventure slash fantasy. If you're a fan of the genre, Renée Ahdieh's book will become your new favorite. The teens and young adults will, without a doubt, find Flame in the Mist a sweeping mix of magic, drama, romance and action.

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