fling-by-jana-astonJana Aston has a couple of romantic novels behind her back that turned on numerous ladies all across the world. She always delivers that heat, great stories, and awesome characters. Sandra is in love with the best friend of her boss. Or, at least, that's what she thinks. The man is her boss' business partner, and they are constantly meeting for all kinds of deals.

So, technically, he's kinda like Sandra's boss too, right? His name is Gabe, and he looks, talks and acts like a million bucks. He's a rich, confident, good-looking fella that the girl simply can't stay away from. Sandra uses a centuries-old tactic of admiring from afar. That's right: her imagination is more than enough for her, and she'll do everything in her power so that he never finds out about her attraction - ever.

However, when her best friend at work gives her an 80s-style sexual quiz, Sandra decides to fill it out and hands it over. Unfortunately, Gabe, the one and only person that she would never want to see her quiz, gets his hands on it, and that's when all hell breaks loose...So, what's it gonna be for Sandra? Will she be disgraced and fired? Or maybe her boss has been feeling the same way about her but was just too much of a gentleman to act on his instincts?

Read the book and you'll find out! Fling is just the perfect romantic novel to "consume" on a lazy Sunday afternoon. Jana Aston's trademark sense of humor, brisk, bold writing and engaging narrative will make sure you'll enjoy every single page of the book. This is an exciting, entertaining and uplifting story with a happy ending, so, despite all the difficulties, Sandra will get what she deserves – a good life.

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