Marge Piercy, the gifted author of several bestsellers, created a mesmerizing masterpiece with Fly Away Home, a powerful, moving and touching drama about a woman who feels like the whole world is collapsing on her fragile shoulders. Daria, a successful author, is just getting ready to go back home after an exhausting nationwide promotional tour.

She can't wait to return to her amazing Boston abode and give her good-looking husband a hug. He's a wonderful attorney and pretty much the only person in the world that she really trusts. However, upon her arrival, Ross tells her that he wants a divorce. He doesn't want to work on their issues, get a therapist or anything like that - he just wants to part ways. The news devastates and confuses Daria, and she starts to suspect that he's been lying to her for a long time.

What if he's been having an affair behind her back? But, the real reason behind his desire to divorce is far more horrifying and crushes the poor woman's illusion of her picture-perfect marriage. When a young boy dies in an accident and a country-wide scandal erupts around a slumlord, the whole city is confused and scared, just like Daria is. And soon she learns that Ross, her husband, is somehow connected to this monstrosity.

Knowing all too well that her "journey" will not give her what she's looking for, the woman starts her own investigation, hoping to learn the truth behind it all. Fly Away Home is a deeply intimate, insightful and emotional novel by the bestselling Marge Piercy. This is a story about a regular woman who has to question everything she believed in, including her marriage, her beliefs, and her own self.

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