Food52-Genius-Recipes-By-Kristen-Miglore100 Recipes That Will Change the Way You Cook is exactly what you would expect from a book with such a bold title. As the chefs like to say, there are OK recipes, and there are great recipes. Finally, there are genius recipes, ones to kill for and to die for. Recipes like that surprise and inspire us, make us approach cooking from a different angle, try something truly awesome. And the greatest thing about them - they're usually pretty easy to "bring to life" and usually give a nothing-special ingredient a new shine.

So, Food52 Genius Recipes is the ultimate collection of drop-dead delicious, or, rather, genius recipes that will quite literally turn your world upside down (in a good way). The people who came up with them are smart, talented and truly creative, and you'll get a chance to learn about their secret ingredients and recipes in one single book! True, some of the recipes might seem a bit crazy or even ridiculous to you, but that's exactly what makes them so special.

You know what they say? If it smells and tastes delicious, that means it is delicious! There's no right or wrong in cooking. Some of the recipes in the book are centuries old, others were made popular by modern-day bloggers, chefs, and fans, and the one thing that they all have in common is simplicity. Forget about several-pages-long recipes and expensive, hard to find ingredients. Genius recipes are all about making it work with regular ingredients and still being fun, easy-to-make and super-tasty.

Food52 Genius Recipes is the perfect cookbook for all the regular folks who don't have time to study huge guides and learn about exotic fruits and veggies. You’ve got tips, tricks, funny stories, amazing photographs and more. All you have to do is grab the book and start cooking away! Smart cooking is the next big thing - join the club!

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