For-Magnus-Chase-By-Rick-RiordanHotel Valhalla Guide to the Norse Worlds is a beautifully written, charming and highly entertaining book that will be a great read both for you and your kids. Rick Riordan is considered to be one of the best writers in the genre of children's books, and his latest effort is just as great as his previous bestsellers. It's a pretty funny, smart and captivating guide into the world of gods, goddesses, mysterious creatures and demonic souls from the Norse universe.

A lot of knights and magicians come to Valhalla, but they don't really know what to do next. So, that's why For Magnus Chase is an essential guide for the young heroes - they simply won't be able to survive without it. Word is, Helgi, the manager of this grand hotel, who's been doing the same job for more centuries than he could count, is really-really tired of answering the same old stupid questions from the so-called heroes.

And as for this book, it's kinda like his ultimate manual for making yourself acquainted with the numerous gods and queens of Asgard. It's got vital info, details, interviews and statistics about the various citizens of this universe that will help you learn your way around the gods and avoid any awkward and confusing situations. The book also includes personal reflections on other creatures so that you would never mistake an elf with, say, a dwarf.

For Magnus Chase is a brisk, bold, extremely hilarious and educational tale for all the smart kids from Mr. Rick Riordan, the "storyteller of the Gods". If you've been looking for a special book that would allow you to get closer to your children and have fun together, this one is definitely a must-have!

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