Forbidden Fruit by Anonymous

Forbidden-Fruit-AnonymousYou can think about this novel is about some kind of Victorian erotic novel or even a pornography book. Some readers can be regarded it as very amusing reading, some say that there is nothing especially interesting in The Forbidden Fruit except for sometimes strange words and sentences. Similar to this novel is the My Secret Life.

There are some really hard erotic scenes, and sometimes you may think that the main character is a rapist. Sometimes he takes women by force. There are lot incest themes and even disturbing combinations of men and women. The main character has a really seek imagination. Sometimes he even dreams of raping innocent girls of 10 years old or so.

So, after you read Forbidden Fruit, written by Anonimous, you will forget forever the myth about snobby and boring Victorian time absolutely. After reading this book many people says that they cannot recall when they read a more perverse example of literature than this one.

To tell the truth, this book makes Fifty Shades of Gray look like it was created by a 3d-grader. The level of perversity that you can find in Forbidden fruit is so high, that you will not understand how he did that in such not long story.

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