Foreign Agent: A Thriller (Scot Harvath series) by Brad Thor

Foreign-Agent-A-Thriller-Scot-Harvath-series-by-Brad-ThorScot Harvath is a perfect man for a job. His skills and knowledge are sufficed for the CIA. Moreover, Scot Harvath has a great experience working in the United States Navy SEAL. He is perfect fighter. He is the perfect spy. He appreciated by the President himself. His work in a private intelligence company made him quite famous.

But not the USA only has really legendary agents among the staff of special services. Moscow has the great agent too. His name is Sacha Basayev and he is working in the Russian Caucasus. Sacha is a hard man, who experienced many difficulties in his life and had a dark and unhappy childhood. Today his main dream is to kill Americans. Almost all of his missions ended by several corpses.

One day the USA soldiers were ambushed near Syria. Scot Harvath investigates this tragic event and finds out that some unnamed person possessed to draw USA forces into a deadly confrontation anyone could not even imagine. To solve this case he must act quickly. So Scot flies to Vienna, then – in Brussel. Then he must visit the Germany, Malta, Jordan and returned to the Syrias land. Scot will push himself beyond all his own limits.

Foreign Agent is a new thriller about Scot Harvath, written by Brad Thor. The novel filled with intrigue and unstoppable action.

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