Miller, a big-bad playboy, has a huge problem that he needs to solve ASAP: he's finally met the one and only woman that will make him complete. She's his destiny, but, unfortunately, she's disappeared into thin air, and now he's missing both his heart and his future. He's always been able to distract himself with hard work, but even that's not working right now.

The taste of her lovely lips is all he can think about 24/7, and it's starting to drive him insane. And what if a meddling mom and a funny dog are the only living-breathing "creatures" that can help Miller out? The guy is a hard-boiled and no-BS kind of a man, but he's got a soft spot, and her name is Lela. All it took for her to conquer his heart and mind was one passionate kiss, and now he's out there looking for her.

Will the two find each other and forge their happily ever after together? There will be numerous obstacles on both their ways, and their mutual love will be tested in a series of events, but, eventually, love conquers all, and Miller is about to experience that first-hand. He's an alpha-male and is used to giving orders and always getting what he wants.

However, this time around, the tables have turned, and he's on the other side of the map. All he needs right now is to get his hands on the woman on her dreams and show her what real pleasure feels like. Forging Forever is a brilliantly-written Earth-scorching romantic novel with just the right amount of love, passion, and fun. If you love forgetting about the real world for a moment and diving into a steaming-hot universe, check this book out. Dani Wyatt definitely knows how to write unforgettable erotic stories!

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