forsaken-by-b-b-hamelGio is a modern-day hitman, an assassin whose job is to kill people. He's a dark man, and, as a killer, he doesn't really care about anything else but doing his job and staying on top of the game. He killed a man when he was just a 10-year-old boy, and something like that defines a person's life. His current mission is the daughter of a powerful and influential Don, and, at first, he doesn't even think about who she is and what she could mean for him.

But, when he meets Grace, everything changes - 180 degrees. She's not the girl for him, she has no place in his scary world, but the very thought of having her drives him crazy, and he can't just walk away. The story is twisty and comes with a few mighty turns, and a part of his mission is to keep her in a cage and turn her into a sex slave. Yes, a real cage with bars, and the more she looks at him with those beautiful blue eyes, the more he wants to get in there and to make her beg him for mercy.

But something's always stopping him, a feeling that he never felt before. He's not really supposed to keep her alive - that's not what he's being paid for. And he knows all too well that if the mob bosses find out who he's got locked up in a cage, they'll come at him with guns blazing. Soon he finds out that Grace has been abused by her father ever since she was a little girl and that makes him hate the mafia even more.

Putting a bullet in people's heads is all he's ever known, and he never had to deal with grief, pain or anything like that. But Grace unlocks something in his heart and makes him see the world through her eyes. Forsaken is a dark romantic novel with a lot of erotic scenes and naughty elements. It comes with a gripping plot, an amazing cast of characters and lots of suspense.

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