forward-by-abby-wambachForward is a heart-wrenching, breath-taking and revealingly honest book by Abby Wambach, a world-famous athlete who had to go through countless struggles before she could stand strong on both feet. Millions of young girls around the globe see her as a role model and try to be as cool as she is. Believing in yourself is probably the most important thing in this world, and Abby certainly does know how to inspire. Furthermore, the author's writing style, humor, and fast-paced narrative make Forward a really entertaining book to read.

The critics are calling it the best memoir by an athlete since Agassi's autobiography, which means you'll have tons of fun with it. Wambach has always been an extraordinary person, and she's a big fan of pushing the limits. When she was just a 7-year-old girl, they put her on the boys' team. And when she turned 35, she became the highest goal scorer on the planet - female or male! That's right: nobody has ever scored more goals than Abby Wambach!

Barack Obama himself praised her for being an inspiration to the young generation and called her a badass. Now, the legendary athlete is doing everything in her power to protect women's rights and to ensure equal opportunities are not just words on paper. She's not used to backing down and/or losing, so, she's bringing the "heat" from the field into the real world.

Forward is a wonderful memoir and you'll learn so much about the author that will make you love and respect her even more. In the book, she reveals that she's always been struggling to "harmonize" different parts of herself and to be an equally good wife, daughter, leader of the team and ground-breaking athlete. Abby's journey from a regular girl in NY to a global phenomenon is both exciting and uplifting.

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