frazzled-by-booki-vivatIf you want your kids to read a ridiculously funny, sweet and honest book that's full of adventure and excitement, make sure to grab Booki Vivat's latest masterpiece. It's safe to say that the smart, witty and curious kids will have an awesome time with this one. Abbie, the main character of Frazzled, is going through a crisis in her life. First of all, she's about to go to middle school.

Second, her own family doesn't really get her, and she doesn't feel connected with them. And finally, everyone around her has his/her Thing, but Abbie can't seem to find her own. One more thing: the girl is always in crisis, not just on and off. Are you ready to dive into the heart and mind of a neurotic-yet-lovely middle-school girl and help her figure out who she really is and what's her true calling?

At the end of the day, we are all desperately searching for that one and only place where we belong and those people who we can call our soul mates. Frazzled is a book for the kids, but, at the same time, it's extremely honest and revealing, so, even the grown-ups will find a tip or two among those heavily-illustrated pages. Yes, the book is practically dominated by fascinating pictures that allow you to become closer with Abbie's world.

The fans of educational-yet-entertaining books for the kids should include this book in their lists of must-haves. In other words, if you're a middle-grader and are having trouble figuring out who you are and how to handle the everyday troubles of growing up in this extraordinary world, Booki Vivat has got your back. Frazzled is insanely funny, intelligent and uplifting - exactly what you need to make it through the tough days.

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