freedoms-landing-by-anne-mccaffreyThe Freedom Novel series is one of the greatest ones in the genre of science fiction and fantasy, and the young adult readers will be happy to learn that Freedom's Landing is the very first novel in this series. Anne McCaffrey created a rich, believable world where humanity is fighting against the aliens and is trying to save our society from extinction. Kristin was just a regular girl living her regular life until the spaceships came.

They didn't come to Earth to bring peace and love. No, they arrived with only one goal in mind: to enslave our race and to destroy everything we stand for. So, that's how Kristin became a freedom fighter. The alien race - Catteni - picks strong and smart slaves among humans and keeps them alive for different purposes, and the girl was lucky enough to survive while hundreds of thousands have been slaughtered.

However, Kristin has no idea what's in store for her: the aliens made her a part of a huge experiment. What's the experiment all about, exactly? The Catteni found a brand-new world, and they don't really want to risk their own lives unless they know the planet's surface is absolutely safe and habitable. And that's why they send hundreds of human slaves to this new world - to see whether they'll survive or not.

If they manage to stay alive, the aliens will start the colonization process. If not - they'll send even more slaves. Freedom's Landing is an exceptional book, and, if you're a fan of fantastic novels about alien invaders and the human resistance, then you'll definitely enjoy Anne McCaffrey's bestselling series.

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