fench-kiss-by-james-pattersonJames Patterson is back with yet another book shot, ladies and gentlemen, and that means the fans are in for a real treat! The man never disappoints, and, if you're a fan of top-class mystery thrillers that grab your attention from the very first page and keep you up all night, make sure to check French Kiss out.

Luc, a good-looking and charming detective from France, is joining forces with the New York Police Department to start over, but someone is doing everything in their power to turn his very first serious case into his last one. Who would want the handsome French to fall? What's the real truth behind this case? And, most importantly, will Luc be able to make sense of it all and make it in NY? He can't trust anyone, and in a big-bad city like New York, you never know where the enemy might be hiding.

The Detective was hoping to get a warm welcome, but he got himself into a crazy ride instead. Are you already excited to learn how this story ends? Grab a copy of French Kiss and you'll find out! Oh, and by the way, it won't take you more than 3 to 4 hours to read the book from start to finish, and that's probably the greatest selling point of the book shot format.

The narrative is super-fast-paced, full of action, tension, and drama, and you'll get a mighty dose of adrenaline in just a couple of hours! James Patterson has been dominating the world of mystery thrillers for a few decades now, and these fantastic short stories prove that he still got what it takes to "glue" the readers to their seats and make them fall in love with his writing. French Kiss is already a bestseller in the States, and it's about to lead the international sales charts pretty soon. Make sure to read it first!

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