The critics are calling Bart Davis one of the greatest writers of political/military thrillers of our time, and Full Fathom Five is arguably his best work to date. It's got more twists, turns, unexpected moments and shocking revelations than any other book on the shelves right now. The man has a rare talent of writing extraordinary novels that the readers can't tear their eyes from.

Kirov, a deadly Russian nuclear sub, is now in the hands of radicals and rebels from Central America, and they're about to use it against a full-on CIA invasion. Nukes are targeting America from deep oceans, and that leads to an imminent confrontation between the United States and Russia. Peter Mackenzie, a decorated navy cap, is the one and only man who can pull off an impossible mission.

He is to trace the submarine and stop it from killing thousands of innocent people. It's safe to say that the stakes are higher than ever, and Mackenzie is running out of time. Thankfully, the captain has top-notch, secret tech for underwater surveillance at his disposal, and it allows him to maneuver through the vast sea and locate the lethal submarine. If he fails to complete his mission, the future of the planet will be doomed.

America and the rest of the world are relying on his brilliance and savvy to take the terrorists down and to ensure peace and prosperity for the generations to come. Full Fathom Five is a suspenseful, adrenaline-packed, non-stop kinda thriller that takes the readers from the depth of the sea to the Oval House, Moscow, secret undercover organizations and the exciting world of high-tech undersea operations. Bart Davis delivered a must-have for the fans of blood-chilling books!

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