When it comes to the supernatural, otherworldly stuff, mystery thrillers, and action-adventures, Lincoln Child is one of the best writers in modern-day literature. Full Wolf Moon is a brand-new blockbuster that follows Logan's investigation of a lethal killer who shouldn't even walk the Earth.

It's safe to say that legends, no matter how dark, scary and unbelievable, are usually pretty grounded in the real world. That's Logan's favorite line, and it's been helping him to be the best at what he does for decades. This man is a high-ranking investigator, someone who's not afraid to hop on the toughest cases and face the dangers that follow. Whenever a phenomenon comes around, he's the specialist they turn to.

Keeping an open mind is his trademark motto, and that allows him to stay alive even in the most hazardous situations. Logan makes his way to a solitary writers' retreat in the middle of nowhere to start working on his book but is forced to put it aside and start investigating after the locals find the dead body of a hiker. The man was tormented to death. He's got claw marks and bites all over him, but Logan's investigation proves that it wasn't a bear.

The detective's job turns into a nightmare when pretty much every citizen points a finger at the other one, claiming everybody else is a monster but him/her. One of those rumors makes the hard-boiled Logan believe in the existence of werewolves. Soon, he realizes that he's up against something more sinister and lethal than anything he's seen before. Full Wolf Moon is an action-charged, rich, multi-layered and super-exciting mystery thriller slash horror story by Lincoln Child.

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