This is yet another collection of short stories in the ridiculously-popular Anne of Green Gables franchise. The book first saw the light of day in 1920 and features funny, romantic and dramatic tales about some flamboyant inhabitants of the fictional village of Avonlea.

Now, it's worth mentioning that Anne, the heroine of the original series, has only a tiny role in this collection, so, if you've been hoping to learn more about her journey, it's best to leave this book alone and grab a different novel. Overall, there are 15 amazing stories that will make you both laugh and cry. By the way, Lucy Montgomery, the legendary author of the whole Anne phenomena, had no intention of publishing this book.

It was released without her official permission and featured stories that she refused to put in Chronicles of Avonlea, the first collection of Avonlea stories. The author went on and sued her publisher, and, after being in a legal skirmish for almost a decade, she won 18K (that's a huge amount of money for the 19th century).

Anne of Green Gables series
1. Anne of Green Gables
2. Anne of Avonlea
3. Anne of the Island
4. Anne of Windy Poplars
5. Anne's House of Dreams
6. Anne of Ingleside
7. Rainbow Valley
8. Rilla of Ingleside
9. Chronicles of Avonlea
10. Further Chronicles of Avonlea

So, if you ever feel like these tales aren't living up to your expectations and/or are dragging the whole series down, just know that Montgomery had nothing to do with the publication of this book. On the other hand, a lot of critics and fans have praised Further Chronicles of Avonlea and called it one of the best releases in the series. Funny how that works sometimes, right? At the end of the day, if you love children's books and want to have all the books in the legendary franchise by the Canadian author, make sure to buy your copy and read the stories to your kids at night. They'll most certainly appreciate the effort!

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