Gian is a billionaire with dark desires and dreams. He knows that Lucy's body is "available for purchase", but he wants much more than just her sexy curves - he wants her soul. She's in desperate need of money and is willing to sell her body. The girl claims Gian's the only man she knows with enough power and influence to help her out.

She's pretty much the most attractive young woman he's ever seen, and with the kind of money that he's got in the bank, buying and selling things is not a problem for him. You could say that this handsome bad-boy owns the city, and now he's got a new toy to play around with. Yes, she's a keeper, and he decides to spend more than a few nights with her, but Gian could never expect to feel something more towards Lucy than just pure lust.

At first, he just wanted to fool around with her for a couple of days, "pay the bill" and be on his way. Love has never been in the books for him, and he certainly wasn't looking for it when he first laid eyes on her. But the chemistry between these two is mesmerizing, and whenever they're alone in a room, sparks start to fly. He's got the skills that put her whole world on fire (in a good way) and she keeps coming back for more.

They both want more from each other than just sex, and soon Gian finds himself longing for a connection with the girl who he just bought. Her body is not enough - he wants to own her heart and soul. But is there really a happily ever after for them at the end of the road? Gambling For The Virgin is a gripping, naughty and extremely sexy romantic novel for the fans of dark and twisty love stories.

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